Six Steps to Pick Crystals How much do you know?

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(1) Look at the selection of materials: crystal materials with excellent materials should not be seen in star-shaped, cloud-like and flocculent gas-liquid inclusions. The texture is pure, smooth and crystal-clear. If it is found that there are cracks and spots with different shades, it is a defective product.

   (2) Look at the workmanship: The processing of crystal products is divided into two types, namely, the miller and the engraver. Such as crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are abrasive products; Guanyin image, inner painting snuff bottle, etc. are engravings. A well-made crystal product should be refined, not only can fully reveal the external beauty (styling, style, symmetry, etc.) of the crystal product, but also can maximize its inner beauty (smooth, clever color).

   (3) Look at polishing: The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. The crystal must be honed by diamond in the processing process, and the rough production will cause traces of friction on the crystal surface. Good crystal products have better natural transparency and luster, and they are said to be "fire heads".

   (4) Look at the hole: For the crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), it is necessary to see whether the holes are straight, the thickness of the holes is symmetrical, and there are no small cracks. The walls of the holes must be clear and transparent, without "white marks".

   (5) Look at the color: Even in the same kind of crystal, the texture and color of its different parts have different styles. It belongs to a single color, and the chromaticity is uniform; if there is a shade on the same crystal, the color tone is required to be beautiful.

   (6) Look at coordination: When buying crystal jewelry, you should try it on, to see its size, tightness and length. If it is inlaid with ornaments, see if it is firm, Zhou Zheng and coordination. Also pay attention to whether the style and color of crystal jewelry are in harmony with your body, skin color, face and clothing.