[Crystal knowledge] What is the difference between crystal and glass?

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Crystal is crystal, glass is amorphous, glass is only artificial, the main raw material is quartz, so the glass is all artificial.

    There is no natural saying, glass is still glass, not crystal.

    One is artificial and the other is natural. The hardness of the glass is high and the crystal hardness is high. The glass has no birefringence, and the crystal has it.

    Crystal is a kind of stone, like the jade, after thousands of years of natural stone body and crystal formed by petrochemicals, so it is very valuable. Glass is a glass craft,

    It is a modern work with a good color.

    Listen to the sound. The sound that is heard when you hit the vessel by hand will be different. The sound of the crystal is crisp, and there is a feeling of lingering after a metal impact.

    The sound of glass products is heavy and has no echo. 掂 weight. Two items of the same size, crystal products are heavier than glass and lighter than glass.

    Specific hardness. Crystal is harder than glass, so there is a trace when using crystal to scratch the surface of the glass, but there is no such trace when using crystal to scratch the crystal.